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What to do before you think of ‘Start, Camera, Action’?

Hello there,

It’s been a long while since our last post. Well, that’s because our team was stranded at different locations in the #ChennaiFloods caused by the #ChennaiRains. However, all is well that ends well, do #PrayForChennai. Let’s now get back to school and learn something new today.

I’m sure you’re doing good :). Here’s a breezer on preparations for shooting a video. There are a lot of pointers to keep in mind before you make the jump. These are the points to keep in mind:


Money, Money, Money - the most important factor determining the quality of your production. When you have enough funding for your project, you will not compromise on any resulting factor that would sabotage the video production. Remember to have just enough and work within it. Do not risk yourself by investing borrowed money.

Tool of the Trade

State-of-the-art cameras are aplenty these days. You just have to choose the right   one. One that suits the video in your imagination. Oh also remember, with your creative ideas, your gadget is your secret weapon to success.


How you shoot your video is important. But, where you shoot it is even more important. No matter where you are shooting it, make sure it suits your script, budget, and aesthetics. Yeah buddy all the above factors are intertwined and then only get more twined as we go forward. Remember, when we take this one step at a time, it doesn’t seem so difficult after all.


These are plentiful. There is an occasion these days for anything and everything under the sun; and more and more people prefer these  moments be caught in motion rather than in stills. So your task, a rather interesting one, is to create a video that not only suits the occasion but  also complements its memories in every way possible.


You’ve made your video. Now stream it! There are many ways to showcase your production through tacky promotions, intuitive trailers, and goodies. But remember, your video must be exquisite for it to be viral. All this hard work is utter waste if it’s not securely showcased. Here’s where Niche Video Media comes in with its security and collaborative features.

So keep it coming guys and take a free trial today.