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How do I Generate a Report of all the Communities in my Private Media Channel?

In the Private Media Channel you can generate a report of all the communities in your channel by clicking on Analytics > Communities Report.

Here the name of your community and all other details given while setting the terminology (remember in  My Site > Terminology > Community, you had set the data to be entered for the community) are displayed respectively for each community. If the community has any charge, the details of the pricing is also displayed. 

If you look at the image above, you will see a blue light bulb. That denotes your featured community. When clicked on the light bulb, it gives information about the featured community.

One of the search filters include the "New" button (note that what the featured video is named as can be changed in  My Site > Terminology > video Details), which is the featured communities, so when you click on the button and search, only the featured communities will be displayed in the report.

Apart from this when you click on the 'Export' button, a drop down of more filters will appear. These filters are the extra information that you may have given while saving details about the community. You can search for communities with these filters too. Select the extra filters or if you don't have any just click on the Save button (which looks like a floppy) and your excel report will be generated. 

Voila! You have generated your list of communities for your reference in an easy manner.