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How do I Retrieve the Viewership Report from my Private Media Channel?

Hey there, now that you are all set up with the channel all you have to do is monitor its functioning through the Analytics tab. When you click on Analytics, the first one is viewership. 

What analytics does the viewership report give?

The viewership report enlightens you on which user used the channel on what date in which IP. It also shows the video viewed, from which community. If it is a meeting, then the meeting minutes and the number of minutes recorded. Alongside it also shows the country and state from where the user has logged in along with the browser used to access the channel. 

How do you generate the report?

It's easy!

Enter the from and to date within which you want the information. Then you can add filters if you want. The 3 filters provided here are email, community, and video title. Once you hit the search button, the report will be generated for you.

Want to save the report?

Click on the Export Report button on the top right-hand corner of the page. When you click on that button, a pop-up will appear requesting you to save the report to your local machine in the Excel format.

There you go, you are all set to analyze the growth of your company in the Private Media Channel.