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How to Manage Roles?

What are roles?

  • Roles are a group of permissions that a user is assigned to within the channel
What do they do?
  • They determine what videos you can watch and how you can contribute to the channel that you are a part of. 
How many types are there?
  • The Private Media Channel offers two types of roles. A Global Role and A Community Role.

In Global Role, the Site Admin and Site User are the two main roles defined by the system. 

The Site Admin is allowed all permissions within the channel (by default). Here's a brief of what the permissions the Site Admin has: Login to the channel, upload video, delete video, create community, edit community, manage users & payments, set a price for the video, start a live record or live conference. 

The Site User on the other hand has limited permissions within the channel. These permissions are determined and set by the Site Admin. Also note that the Site Admin has the permissions to appoint a user as the Site Admin for the same channel. By default a Site User can only login to a channel and subscribe to a community until more permissions are added by the Site Admin. 

The basic Community Roles are Subscriber, Blocked, and Community Manager. The Subscriber role subscribes the user to a community and provides permission to view video. Blocked forbids the user from viewing or using the channel. The Community Manager role too, like Subscriber, allows the user to subscribe to a community and view video. Along with this the Community Manager has added permissions which are absent in the Subscriber role. They are Manage Membership, Edit Community, Join Conference, Live Record, and View Reports. 

That's about it!

Now let's move on to  set the relationship for the user with each channel.