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How to Create a Chapterized Video in my Private Media Channel?

Who doesn't love a playlist of our favorite videos or important ones to be all in one place and easy to access. The 'Create Chapterized Video' in Upload Video does just that. It helps you create a playlist of all your favorite videos. 

How do you create this Chapterized Video/Playlist in the Private Media Channel? It's easy. Click on Upload Video > Create Chapterized Video

Here you provide a title for your playlist, its description (remember the terminology for description is changed to syllabus here, as we saw in  renaming generic terminologies for video details ), the community you want it to be in and tags, if needed.

Once you are done with the details, move on to choose the videos for your playlist. 

All the videos in your channel will appear to the list on your left. If you wish to select any video for it to be a part of your chapterized video list, then simply click on the tick mark across that video and it will be added. Once you are done selecting all your videos, you can save or save and go to advanced to provide more settings, as seen earlier. 

After creating the chapterized video, it can be viewed within the specific community or in the Manage Videos page. 

When you click on the chapterized video, this is how it will appear:

Now you can group videos based on your interest and needs, thus making way for easy accessibility.