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How to set the Charge Model for Video Channel Access?

This is easy peasy. To set the charge model to join a channel, go to the ‘General Settings tab under ‘My Site’.

Want your users to self-register themselves onto your channel?

Turn on the ‘Allow user self-registration’ button. You can also set the unknown user's role in the drop down below. So when a user self register's themselves that unknown user role will be automatically assigned. Therefore, the admin doesn't have to approve the user and assign a role. 

Switching on the ‘Enable login on Register’ button allows the user to login once they register without having to wait for admin's approval.

Now go into Community > Manage Roles

Too confusing? Nah! It’s easy. Let’s walk through this together. You have set the requirement that you will be charging the user who subscribes to your course or your channel. So you now have setup the payment method and how they will be logging into your channel. Now for the part where you decide how much you pay is why we have come to the Manage Roles page. Here you set the price for each role.

So for the Student role you add the permissions and then set the price. 

How do I add the permissions?

As can be seen in the image above, there is a list of available and allowed permissions. Here you can select a permission and switch it between the columns using the left and right arrows (highlighted for your reference here). So the permissions in the allowed permissions column will be the ones set for that particular role. 

Note: The Payment Frequency will be the same as the one you set in the ‘Charge Model’ page, this cannot be changed in the ‘Manage Roles’ page. Also, the frequency setting is universal for all role types and cannot be changed anywhere except in the ‘Charge Model’ page under My Account.

Take a look at our other two charge models, ' Charge to subscribe a community' and ' Charge to view video'.