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How to Set the Charge Model for a Video?

This charge model helps you to charge the user to view video (a single video). Let’s walk through a step-by-step guide to setting up this variant of the charge model.

Let’s brush up the basics. Make sure you have switched on the this particular charge model in
My Account > Charge Model.

Now that you have double checked the charge model selection, we can forge ahead with the monetization process.

To start, click on Video > Manage Videos.

Now click on the video that you want to monetize.

Once you have selected the video to monetize, click on the Edit button.

When you click on the Edit button, by default the Edit Video page opens. Now click on the Advanced tab next to it. Scroll down in the “Advanced” tab and you will see the “Charge to view video” box.

Here you can enter the charge for your video which will be in dollars (convertible to your users respective currency). Hit save and your video is monetized.

When your users clicks on that particular video, here’s what they will see.

When the user clicks on the video, it will redirect them to the specific payment gateway as specified by the channel admin in the Receive Payments page. Once the user completes the payment, they will be able to view the video as many number of times as they please.