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How to Manage Offer Code?

What is an offer code?

An offer code is a reduction in the amount, a discount, or a set amount that you can give to your videos. This offer code is not standalone. It is always paired with a  UPC bundle. So a UPC bundle can have various different offer codes in it. 

Hope you had a strong espresso to help you through the last straw. This, as you see in the screenshot, is what appears in when you click on the ‘Add New Offer Code’ button. So you first name your offer code and provide a description. And then you click on the ‘Offer Type’ drop down. When you click on the drop down you will see three options:

  • Discount (%) – wherein a discount percentage that you specify will be automatically deducted from the UPC. UPC? Yeah they are connected. Just hang on, I will be explaining it later.  
  • Amount ($) – here you specify the amount to be paid by the user, which can be replaced with the amount specified in the UPC.  
  • Price Reduction ($) – here instead of giving a discount percentage, you directly specify the amount that has to be deducted from the UPC price.

Now in the Offer Type, specify the values. Next, you provide the start date and end date within which the Offer will be active for users joining your channel. You can also specify the number of days within which the Offer can expire; even if the number of days is within the time span specified by you.

Here’s where UPC comes in, the Offer Code is always combined with the UPC and then implemented.

In the panel to the right, ‘Assign UPC to Offer Code’, you select the UPC(s) in which this Offer Code should be implemented. So you have a column displaying the Available UPC. Select the UPC of your choice and select the arrow key to move it into the Assigned UPC and then hit Save. Automatically the Offer Code will be applied to the respective UPC(s).

Phew! Done and dusted with monetizing your channel. Go get rich!