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How to Set the Charge Model for a Module of Videos?

In this charge model you will be able to charge the user to join a community (for a module of videos). Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up the charge model.

*Hey! Why the serious face? Cheerio, this is fun.*

Let’s start by switching on the setting in My Account > Charge Model

Since we are charging the user to subscribe to a community, your next click will be on the Manage Communities tab.

Remember: The generic terminology, “Communities,” is used in this guide. In your channel, the custom name that you have specified in the Terminology settings will appear.

In the 'Manage Communities' tab, click on the specific community that you wish to monetize on. As you scroll down, you will see the 'Community Charges' tab.

If you would like your user to subscribe and register, then click on the “Offer on Registration Page” button. With this button on, whenever the user clicks on “Register Yourself” when signing up in your channel, they can choose to register along with subscribing to the particular community for which the “Offer on Registration Page” button is on. The images below will illustrate this process.

When user clicks on Register Yourself, they will be taken to the registration form in which the subscription grid will appear.

“How to present complex information” is a community with a subscription charge of 1$. The user can choose to uncheck the box while registering into the channel.

The other way round!

Apart from a user subscribing from the registration page, they can subscribe to a community from within the channel as well.

Here’s how:

When the user logs into the channel, they can search for all the communities by setting the search filter to community and then clicking on the search button.

Remember: Do not get confused, I have renamed “Communities” as “Course” in my demo channel

Once you hit the search button, the list of communities in the channel will appear.

Now what do you see? All the communities. But, the one with the red lock is the one that you haven’t been subscribed to.

When you click on that community, you can see the list of videos that are a part of that community. If you take a liking to the videos in the channel, you can subscribe to the community by clicking on the button with the dollar sign. Once you click on that, a notification confirming your request will appear. Now all you got to do is sit back and wait for your Site Admin to approve your request.  

For the Site Admin:

As the Site Admin, you will receive a mail every time a subscription request is triggered by the user. When you follow the link from the email, it will lead you to the “Pending Approvals” page within your channel. Else if you want to keep a tab on all your subscriptions as you log in to the channel, you can get to this page by clicking on Home > Alerts > Need Attention > Pending Subscription Requests.

Once inside the “Pending Approvals” page, click on the community that the user has requested subscription for from the drop down in the top-right side of the page. Once you click on the community, a list of users that requested subscription will appear. You then click on the user and set a role that they will play in that community and hit save. Unsure what the roles do? No worries, we have a tiny slab to the right with the role and its respective description for your reference. That’s it, your work is done here.

Remember: To set the type of subscription requests—manual or auto —you have to set it in the General Settings page.  

Read more about these settings  here The same setting must be mutually maintained in the respective community detail as well.

With both these settings in manual, the user will be able to send subscription requests. If the setting is in auto, when the user requests for subscription they will be automatically subscribed or if it ’s a paid community they will be automatically directed to the payment gateway. With the auto setting on, the Site Admin will not receive a mail requesting to approve subscription.

Back to the subscriber:

Once you have sent the subscription request and the admin has approved it, you will be able to view the videos in the community. But this is only when the community has a free subscription. For a paid subscription to the community, once the admin approves your request, the dollar button on your locked community (that you saw above) will change to a smaller dollar button.

Click on the dollar button and the following message will spring up.

Click on pay now and you will be redirected to the payment page. Once you have completed the payment in the secured payment gateway as set by the Site Admin, you will be redirected back to the channel and will now be able to view the videos of the community you have subscribed to.

Voila! You can watch videos in your community without any hassles; and for the Site Admin, you are reaping the harvest out of your hard work by monetizing a module of videos in your community.