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How to Configure the Payment Gateways to Receive my Payments?

Note: The "Receive Payments" tab will appear only when you switch on any one of the charge model, as in the screenshot below. 

Now click on "Receive Payments" and you will see the three PCI compliant payment gateways that Niche Video Media has partnered with. 

When you choose Stripe as your payment gateway, here's what you will see:

If you hold a Stripe account, then you can generate the Live Secret Key and add it in here. Else, you can create a Stripe Account in the link provided here. Not sure how to get the Live Secret Key after you have created your account? Follow the second link provided and get your key.

If you have chosen PayPal, here's what you will see:

Enter your PayPal account number and your desired language, then save what you have entered. Now you’re good to go! Your credentials will be saved and integrated with PayPal, so every time a user pays you it will be directed to your account.

If you’re choosing Authorize.Net, you will see this:

Type in your API login id and transaction key, and save your credentials. New to Authorize.Net? Then signup first and these credentials will be generated for you. Have more questions? Click on the two links in the screen and learn more.

All set, now let's understand the 3 Charge Models:
Charge Model for Video Channel Access

Here you charge the user to join the channel. A channel consists of a host of videos and various other roles that the user can be a part of from within.  

2.  Charge Model for a Module of Videos

Here you choose to charge a user to subscribe to just a particular community. A community can contain a set of videos, depending on your requirement.

3.  Charge Model for a Video

Here you charge the user to view a single video. The user can watch that single video repeatedly but cannot view any other paid videos in the channel.