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How to set UPC?

You love your customers, so show them some love. Give them discounts and freebies. Here’s how you get started in doing so.  UPC is a Universal Product Code. You use this code to package/bundle a set of videos for your users and provide it either at a discounted price or as an added freebie with the channel.

This a tiny bit of a process, so let’s bring down the giant easily. First go to My Account > Manage UPC. The first time you go there you will see a blank screen, all UPC’s are to be added by you; there are no presets.

So now let’s add a new one. Now I am creating a UPC for One Course (wherein a user can register for a single course using this UPC bundle). Fill in the UPC label and the description. The UPC label is what will appear in the new user register form in your channel. The frequency remains the same as set in the Charge Model. Now for the little bit complicated part, which is a piece of cake once you understand:

When you choose the Required Role and hit Save, you will see a panel ‘Add Item to UPC’ to the right. What happens here is that:

  • After hitting save if you choose the role for which the UPC is applicable under ‘Add Item to UPC’, then the same will appear directly on your generic register page (i.e., the login page where your users can register themselves in the ‘Register Yourself’ option). So here I have chosen the role and the item (in this instance Course, as I am creating the UPC for one single course). 

  • But if you choose Required Role’ and hit save, the process takes a tiny detour. Here’s what happens after you hit save. Say you have chosen Site User in the Required Role drop down. Then you go to Manage Roles > Site User > Actions. Boom! This is what you see now:

Now click on Add New Action and here’s what you will see:

Click on the drop down and select Add UPC, it will add the UPC automatically if you have saved only one. Else the drop down will show you a list of UPC’s that you can add. If you want the UPC to be applicable to all users uncheck the ‘Charge for UPC’ box else if you check the box your users will be charged the price at the frequency specified by you while creating the UPC.

Now when your users come and register themselves on your login page, here’s what they will see. Voila!

So now when the user registers he/she will have a community role and will be able to view any one course or both courses, according to their choice, from the ‘One Course UPC’.

All set? Now take a coffee break and we will look into  how to manage offer code.