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How to Add Labels to Gather/Store More Information about my User?

  • Add as many *User Fields* as you want, this helps to gather more information about the user as it suits your requirements.
  • Find it under My Site > Terminology > (Below) Community


Looking at the above screenshot, what do you see? Here’s what you do. First type in the information that you want from the user. So I have typed in Address.


Shortcut:  Once you have typed in the data, press ENTER and it holds the information in the box. Psst… You don’t have to go and click the SAVE button each time to type in the next ‘word’ or ‘name’.

Once you have entered the information, click on the EDIT icon near the User Field. You will see a world full of possibilities drop down. Here you can choose on what pages the information can appear and you can validate it as an optional information on those pages or as mandatory information. Scroll further down and you can choose how you want the field box to appear, either as a text box, drop down list, radio button or as a list.



So I have selected the Drop Down List. Now I need to give options/values to the user in the drop down to select. So here’s what I do; see below.



I type in Gmail and then I have to type in a list of email providers. But I don’t want to hit save for each one. Shortcut: Just press Enter and it holds the information.  When you are done typing all the information, click the save button.

There you go!!! Now you can choose from any of the following while saving information about your user in the ‘Manage User’ page (which you will learn about later, fret not).

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