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How to Rename my Featured Video, UPC, and Offer Code?

  • Do you have one important community that you want to highlight to your users? Do you want it to be ‘featured’? In the General tab, you can set the name for that special community. By default it is ‘Featured’, you could name it anything you want here. 



  • In the ‘My Account’ tab, you might have noticed that there is a ‘Manage UPC’ section. UPC is a Unique Product Code, one in which you charge your customer based on the community or video.  Ideas are indeed costly! 
  • You can change the name ‘UPC’ to anything you like. Maybe you can call it something as simple as ‘Catalog’, ‘Package’ or something as creative as ‘Code-Your-Product’.
  • What’s life without a few freebies? The economy or not, we always love gifts from the ones we love. Planning to offer your loyal customers a time off from shelling some pennies? Use the ‘Offer Code’ feature in the ‘My Account’ tab. 
  • Here, however, you can rename ‘Offer Code’ to whatever you may like. From ‘Sale’ to ‘Gift’ to ‘Freebies’.

There are just a little more terminologies you can tweak.  Read on  to rename the generic label names for all your video details.