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You are putting on an event of some kind – town hall meetings, sermons, classes, or other live events – but not all your audience can be there at once. Use the Private Media Channel to broadcast to your unreachable audience so that they get the message at the same time as everyone present. Set up your broadcast quickly and easily, then share it with your audience affordably. No complicated setup or specific hardware/software requirements. You can be broadcasting live in 7 minutes.

Content Not Downloadable

Your content is always secure – it cannot be intercepted or downloaded.

No Specialized Equipment

Use any video camera that can be hooked up to your PC or use a dedicated “IP Camera”.

Viewer Access Controls

Control who can access your broadcast or the post-event recording.

Rich Analytics

View rich analytics to help you understand the impact of your event on your audience.

2-way Audience Engagement

Capture your audience’s feedback in real time and let them share it with each other.

Record Live/Share Later

Automatically record the live event for later playback for your subscribers and for those who could not be online during the broadcast.

No Proprietary/Confusing Tools

You can use any commercially available or open source encoder such as the free Flash Live Media Encoder from Adobe.

Real ROI/Monetization

Get value for your content by charging for access to your broadcast.

Real World:

A production company based in California uses our platform to live stream town hall meetings, public events and sporting events to its customers via the use of multiple HD cameras as a well IP cameras. The setup ease in conjunction with competitive pricing make it an ideal choice for them.


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