What Is a Private Media Channelâ„¢?

A Private Media Channelâ„¢ is a secure media platform that can be easily connected to your website to build your own global community that shares a common interest in your unique content, streamed to them on any device. You moderate the interaction of your users while the platform encourages them to collaborate in order to enhance and grow your unique community.

For Publishers and Developers...

Establish a secure repository to collaborate around your projects with your clients.  Deposit any multi-media content in the project and members of the project are immediately notified.  All feedback is co-located with the content and multiple revisions can showcase the way the project has developed over time.  You control who can see each item, enrich the media content with attachments (such as scripts, storyboards, etc.) and collaborate with your people, subcontractors (such as a translator for subtitles), and the client's resources all together.   

For Brands...

Establish projects and allow your creatives to generate content in a collaborative environment while maintaining the security of your content.  Watch your content evolve as the project progresses with multiple versions.  Globalize it with subtitles and voiceovers.  Selectively cross-pollenate the creative juices of different teams on different products by sharing across projects to your targeted teams.  

For Everyone...

Brand your channel to match your site and link it for a seamless user experience.  Deliver your media content to any device at any time with no investment in infrastructure.  The Private Media Channel also allows you to monetize your content to recoup your invesment and potentially become a profit center for the web site.  The administrator can determine the amount of moderation needed (from none to approving every message) to further secure the intellectual property of the video and its subject matter.

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