Better Video Hosting than YouTube or Vimeo

YouTube is interested in growing their business, not yours.

The Private Media Channel is Secure, Private, and Monetizable video hosting that won’t hinder your growth or profitability – while protecting your content from theft

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You can’t rely on tools and platforms whose business model goes against yours. You need a solution that is designed with your needs in mind. With the Private Media Channel you can:

Protect video content from downloading

Restrict content access based on sophisticated rules

Offer an ad and competitor-free viewing experience

Monetize your Videos with Better Quality options than YouTube

Branding Video that carries YOUR brand, not theirs.

Features Allow Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, Attachments and many more.

Complete control over pricing, access & content delivery.

Your content. Your rules. Your value.

Superstrong Video

Unlike YouTube, your viewers cannot download your videos without your consent. There are no plugins, extensions or web services to download videos on the Private Media Channel. Screen recorders do not work either.

Flexible Access

You decide who gets access to your content, when, where and how long. With sophisticated rules in place, you can restrict viewership by IP address, email address, date and more.

Clutter-free Viewing

There are no ads taking the user away from your content. With no distractions, you can offer your viewer the ultimate learning and entertainment environment. There are no competitors luring your viewers either.