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How to Set the Charge Model in my Private Media Channel?

Why Monetization?

Through monetization you can sell your videos securely

How do I do it in the Private Media Channel?

It’s simple, really. The Channel allows you to host videos and share it among your users. Parallely, it helps you earn and balance your investment in hosting the videos. All of this is done through the 'Charge Models' in My Account > Charge Model

Here you select the charge model of your choice and switch on the button. You also set the Default Payment Type, wherein we offer PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. Then move on to set the default payment frequency. Default payment frequency determines the recurrence of the payment in the form of a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment, or a one time charge. This default payment frequency when set here, applies universally throughout the channel and cannot be changed elsewhere but in the Charge Model page.

The 3 Charge Models Are:

  • Charge Model for Video Channel Access ~  With this button ON, the user will be charged to join the channel. A channel consists of a host of communities and various other roles that the user can play from within.

  • Charge Model for a Module of Videos ~  This charge model applies to whole communities. When this button is ON, you choose to charge a user to subscribe to just a particular community . A community can contain a set of videos, depending on your requirement.

  • Charge Model for a Video ~ Here you charge the user to view a single video . The user can watch that single video repeatedly but cannot view any other videos in the channel.
Before we learn more about the charge models, let's set you up with receiving your customer's payments. Learn it  here.

Apart from the three charge models we also give you the options of having a UPC and  Offer Codes.