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Business Cases

Internationally distributed sales force

PseudoCPG International Sales Division
Deitrich has to keep his sales reps up-to-speed on the latest products and features. His reps want to keep their key accounts informed as well. Manufacturers provide the videos, but how does he keep everyone in the loop? This service is provided free to all members.

Institutional Capital

Mark builds a community from companies seeking capital and venture capitalists looking for new companies in which to invest. How does he keep the investors informed, and maximize the exposure of his member companies, while protecting the privacy of all members? Members are charged a periodic membership fee.

International Real Estate

Home Expo Gallery, LLC
Adriana builds an international community of Real Estate Agents specializing in foreign buyers and domestic properties around the world, and integrates video into her community website to enrich the user experience. Agents pay to provide listings and videos, buyers search, service providers offer their services, all in an instant feedback loop supported by social media.

Technical Certification Provider

Information Risk Management & Security Services
Rodrigo turns certification classes into communities, providing communications channels between instructors and students and allowing students to publically review the courses. The subscriber is charged to view content and take a certification test.

Research and Development Brainstorming

Inogeering, PLC
Ingrid runs the Research and Development department of an industrial products engineering company. She needs to distribute prototype information in a highly secured manner between her engineers, suppliers, and key customers. Prototypes are uploaded and discussed by project communities.