Instruct your students
With secure video and document hosting.

Create your classroom

  • Set up communities on your Private Media Channel for each class
  • Build training videos or use our video production partners
  • Add workbooks, handouts, and URL reference lists to your lessons
  • Include subtitles in a dozen key languages for international students

Improve student communication

  • Invite students to subscribe to your courses
  • Students can purchase a full course, set of lessons, or a single lesson
  • Students can privately ask you questions or post questions to the class
  • Announce live webinars for all students to attend
  • Students can learn from their desktop or iPad

Provide certification

  • Keep a record of which students have viewed each lesson and attachments
  • Students submit their complete courses for your approval
  • Students schedule final certification or other tests, for an additional fee

Try it. Free.
  • 30 days completely free
  • 1 GB of video storage
  • Brand your site
  • No Credit Card Needed
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