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Our Story

Sixteen years of training experience gave Raj a passion for sharing knowledge. Recent changes in his area of expertise required him to develop a new approach – Raj focused on Video as an ideal way to share knowledge without having to “be there.”

Our Team

Raj Rajasekar


Raj Rajasekar co-founded Niche Video Media and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Raj defines the company’s vision and strategy, develops strategic partnerships with complementors, and is responsible for inculcating the corporate culture.

Dominic Francis


Dominic Francis co-founded Niche Video Media and is its Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Information Officer. Dominic is responsible for all the infrastructure and services required to make the company operate, manages the development staff, and all vendor relationships for the company.

Glen West


Glen West joined Niche Video Media as its Chief Customer Officer, also acting as Chief Technology Officer, in August, 2012. Glen is responsible for customer acquisition, crafting the customer experience, defining the product line, and ensuring that people, process, and technology come together to build a business that is sustainable from the ground up.


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