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The Private Media Channel is a Software-as-a-Service platform which has many features that can be mixed and matched in a large variety of ways to suit your needs. We are proud to give you three different options to explore how it can be tailored for your specific situation.

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Of course, we would be happy to give you a detailed personal demonstration of the full set of features on your schedule.

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Pre-Configured Demonstration

This channel is configured for training organizations who charge tuition for video training content.

Click Here for instructions on how to access this Channel.

This channel is configured to enable sales of your DVD content. Convert your DVDs to online streaming content and instantly have another channel to sell your product.

Click Here for instructions on how to use the channel.

Feel free to explore our features your way.

Then either sign up for your own channel or request a personal demonstration.

Instructions for NicheTrainings channel

What to expect: The NicheTrainings demonstration channel is pre-configured to monetize two training courses. Each user who registers is automatically enrolled in a “Welcome” course with videos highlighting the other courses. On the registration page, the user can select a course in which to enroll, or join the channel with no purchased courses and choose which course they wish to try later.

Note: Paypal is active – if you complete the process of signing up as a new user, you will be charged for the content you purchase.

How to Use: Once you click on the Channel button from the NicheTrainings home page, you will be asked to log on. Please use one of the pre-configured “personas” below to see how they would view and use the channel. The password for all users is “Demo123”. This channel is refreshed daily, none of the information you enter will be retained.

Channel URL:

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