It’s your content. Why let YouTube or Vimeo put their brand on it? Your Private Media Channel is an extension of your website with your palate and branding. You control all communications with your audience – they don’t even know we exist.

Email Template Customization

The system has 30+ events where email is sent to users. Each is templatized with the ability for you to edit it in rich text/html with your custom message. You control the communication channel with your users.

It is about you, not us

The only place the user can find our name is in “mice-type” font at the bottom left of each page, and that can be removed on higher plans. Resellers can put their own name there.

Your terminology

Use your own terminology for key concepts via custom field labels, which allows you to control the user experience.

Match your website

With your logo and color scheme.

Your Brand, not Ours

No branding on the player. No watermark on the video unless you put it there.

No Ads

No distracting advertising to pull your users’ attention away.

Real World:

All of our customers use the white-labeling feature, and there is very little to show you. In any case since our name appears nowhere. But you can see how it works for yourself by exploring our channel demo site: (Read the instructions here, then click on Login).


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