Enterprise-Ready Features

Our Enterprise plan includes features designed specifically for large enterprises.


Single Sign-on Integration between your site and your channel.

Role-based Authorization

Standard best-practice RBA implementation controls all access to features.

Viewer Access Controls

Control who can access your broadcast or the post-event recording.

Service Oriented

Web Service Enabled APIs for integration with your own applications.

We're here for you

An Enterprise customer gets Enterprise Support. On top of our already stellar customer service, you get a dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of your Channel.


Message Based integration back to your applications informing them of channel events.

Free Consultation

Enterprise customers get 10 hours of free setup and onboarding consultation services.

Real World:

An enterprise customer has integrated the channel with their LDAP for authentication, using the roles defined in their authorization system to map to permissions in the channel, and webhooks are used to inform their back end server any time a user clicks play on a video or the video completes playing.


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