Secure and Private Video Hosting

Most companies out there claim to be secure by virtue of requiring a password to get into your account and to get access to your library. We do not believe that is “Security”. We have proven it time and again: If we can find your content on their service, we can download it. We have taken security seriously and built it into the Private Media Channel from Day One.

Protection from Downloading

Your content cannot be downloaded via tools such as DownloadHelper.


All accesses of your video (upload, change, view, and delete) are logged and auditable.


We have user-id, password and also Two-Step Authentication(2FA) to login.

Fraud prevention

Get fraud and access sharing alerts. An alert is sent when a single user ID is watching a video on more than one device, or more than one location.

Secure Transmission

The stream cannot be captured in transmission and stored – it is encrypted and signed.

Hidden Content Links

Public tools for stealing your content cannot even tell that there is a video on the page for them to attempt to download.

Content Vault

No one, not even you or someone logging in as you, can directly access your video files. They can only be seen via our streaming server and player.

Access Controls

Administrator can control who views the video and viewing time; the number of times a user can view the videos can also be set. The IPs from which a user can view the video can be controlled through a “domain IP restriction,” thus keeping a check on user access only from a particular domain IP.

Public or Private Security

Your content in the channel requires your users to log in to view it. You can also allow them to view it outside the channel on your website without logging on – but it’s still protected from being downloaded.

Real World:

One of our more savvy customers evaluated a dozen video hosting companies and only found two which prevented videos from being downloaded. The other one had restrictions and a cumbersome interface, and so she chose us. Read her use case and testimonial here

Real World:

A Fortune 1000 global manufacturer in Europe uses the channel to manage their Research and Development flow. The R&D department designs new products, shares the information with their engineers, production managers ,and marketing and legal departments, produces the marketing video and shares it all the way with their customers. If this information gets out to their competitors, their revenue stream would be irreparably harmed. They trust the Private Media Channel to keep it safe and inside their corporation.


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