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There are several companies in the corporate jungle which have a vision of spreading their knowledge to others. This is definitely one of them - ProEdge Skills.Inc.

A Boston-based company, ProEdge Skills offers business skills training to corporates and cater to clients all over the US. ProEdge skills chose Niche Video Media two years ago for their video hosting needs and is very pleased with our product.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the CEO, Ms. Mary Sandro, who was courteous enough to give us her evaluation of our product and tell us how it proved to be advantageous to both herself and her clients.


ProEdge Skills

ProEdge Skills CEO, Mary Sandro


Ms. Sandro trains employees of her Fortune 100 client companies on presentation skills and customer service skills. She does this face-to-face with her clients’ employees or by hiring subcontractors who received 25% of the proceeds. To take her company to the next step, she decided to experiment with models which she hoped would increase her scale. She decided to try the flipped classroom model using videos to extend her presence eliminating the need to hire contractors.

Ms. Sandro did extensive research into tons of companies looking for a solution to her video hosting problem. But she was frustrated in her hunt to find that every service she looked at could not protect her video content. This video content is the very source of her income – intellectual property which she has spent decades researching and acquiring. She could not afford to lose her content to piracy or dilution by allowing others to harvest it for their own use.  Her search revealed that all but one of our competitors allowed her videos to be downloaded with the simple, free tool called Download Helper. She narrowed her list down to two companies and decided to use the Private Media Channel.



“The slam dunk home run advantage of the Private Media Channel is the security. Nobody else can do it.”

Ms. Sandro hosts videos securely in our channel and embeds them in her customers’ websites and Learning Management Systems (LMS) with ease.

“It’s clear to me that Security is your [Niche Video Media’s] competitive advantage. The ease of the user interface and the simple process used to embed my videos securely in SCORM or HTML packages in which I deliver my content to my customers were the key decision criteria in choosing your product.”

With 21 years of experience in her field, Ms. Sandro knows that she has made the right choice with Niche Video Media.

She is very glad that her clients can’t see that we are behind the scenes in her company. Ms. Sandro confessed that she wasn’t a techie but managed to handle the system with ease. The APIs that she had to create while using the other software were not required in the Private Media Channel and the fact that she could import her videos into another site increased her liking towards our product.

The earlier model used by ProEdge Skills consumed a lot of time and money for both their clients and themselves. Now, Ms. Sandro can train her clients’ employees in the virtual world without having to be present.

“The reason why I use Niche Video Media is because the product is secure, user friendly and allows easy embedding of my videos in other sites. It has reduced the expenditure of my clients by atleast 50% and increased my company’s Profit Margin by at least 25 percentage points. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Well thank you for that Ms. Mary Sandro.

Ms. Mary Sandro chose Niche Video Media for all her video hosting needs and has achieved quite a lot: in terms of returns on her investment and the time and effort she has saved.

It is testimonials like these which make us proud to have built the Private Media Channel. It shows that our platform is really helping our customers build value in their own business with their own content.

We have helped ProEdge skills achieve their goals by building a custom solution on our platform to solve her business challenges and massively increase their income.

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