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Greetings awesome people of the world!

We have great news for you. Niche Video Media has launched another updated version of the Private Media Channel - Niche Video Media v. So why is this good news? It’s because we have updated our product with features which provide improved content security and access control to our channel owners.

The new version was launched on the 7th of July, 2015 at 11 PM EST.

It supports browsers like IE 11.0, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Let’s get to our features now.


In this release we have added support for a new streaming protocol called “HLS” (HTTP Live Streaming). This enables full support for adaptive streaming. I‘ll try not to sound too technical about this. Adaptive bitrate streaming is a technique used for streaming multimedia (in this case your videos) over computer networks. Based on the viewer’s local internet connection speed, the appropriate video bit rate is auto selected to provide the best viewing experience without any buffering. This protocol is also capable of traversing any firewall or proxy server that lets through standard HTTP traffic, which turns out to be ideal for corporate environments.
Ultimately, this means that you have a seamless viewing experience.



You all know that we like to brag about the security we offer in our software. Our clients have expressed their happiness over the protection their content has in our channel. So, we decided to increase the security capability and now all the videos uploaded into the channel are encrypted using the AES-128 encryption standard. Only our video player knows how to fetch the secret key to decrypt the video before playback. With this new standard even if hackers manage to download pieces of the video file they will not be able to play it without the secret key. This makes the downloaded file useless and equivalent to digital trash. Cool right!

This new security feature is now enforced on desktops, laptops as well as mobile devices.


As the admin of a channel, you should have unlimited power and control over everything in your channel. Well, we can’t guarantee you unlimited power, but we can guarantee an improved access control in your channel. This means that you will be able to control all the activities in your channel and obtain viewership reports which have information about who watched what videos and what they have paid for. These reports will help you expand your video library and come up with strategic measures to improve your content.

  1. Video Level: In this type, you can set the number of times a particular video can be watched. For example, if you have set the viewing limit to 7 for a particular video, then any user can watch it only 7 times.
  1. User Level: In this type, you can set the total viewing limit for a user for videos they have access to. If you have set the user limit to 10, then the user can watch the same video 10 times or 10 different videos one time each. The total number of videos they have watched multiplied by the number of times they have watched it should sum upto the viewing limit set by the admin.
  2. Community level: In this type, all the users in a community can have a fixed viewing limit. However, if a particular user has been set with a user limit, then the user limit takes precedence over the community limit. Confused?Let me explain it clearly. If you have assigned the community limit as 8 for a particular video, then all the users in that community will be able to view it 8 times. But, if any user belonging to that community has a user limit for that same video as 5, then they will be able to view it only 5 times, regardless of the community limit. Got it?These limits can be increased by the admin on request from the user.

Do you now have a clear idea about our updated product? To know more about us and the products we offer, visit or sign up for a free trial at .