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YouTube or Facebook for Video Advertisements?

Advertisements may have started by the word-of-mouth medium in the early days, but now advertisements through videos is catching on like forest fire. It’s visual and pleasant. Touchy storylines, HD videos, Dolby sound quality, catchy tunes, celebrities, and a product is what advertisements are all about today. Even if it is a mediocre product, an amazing emotional advertisement makes it click. Such ads are never forgotten and always leave a mark in our memory. The Hutch Pug and the Vodafone ZooZoo are some examples. Video advertisements play a major role in the marketing of any product and companies are ready to spend millions to get the right advertisement for their product.

Creating video content is never enough. A good marketing strategy should also be in place. And this century turns toward social media to learn more about the world, and that is where the popularity of a brand lies. YouTube and Facebook are the two major players in video advertisements. YouTube is the traditional platform where advertisers throw their advertisements abundantly and Facebook with its revamped video section is the new kid in town. So, which is better? YouTube or Facebook?

The Mighty YouTube

For the past one decade, YouTube has been chosen by advertisers all over the world as the best place to display their videos. YouTube has more than a billion users and now it faces strong competition from the social media giant, Facebook. Facebook is now a major player in the video field. The recent development in the video section of Facebook boomed its video playtime and it receives more than hundred hours of video playback in a day. When it comes to video advertisements, neither truly has a definite advantage but provide different options to choose from.

All of us are familiar with YouTube advertisements. It comes in the beginning and often in the middle of a video and the viewers are compelled to watch it. It can be a bummer but from the advertiser’s perspective, it is an effective way to present their product.

If you are going to advertise through Google, you will have to go through their advertising tool called TrueView. It helps to identify and reach a target audience that you specifically require.

The major advantage of advertising with Google is its huge popularity and gigantic amount of users. This is a generation of people who Googles each and everything. This tendency provides advertisers with an opportunity to display their ads.

The Facebook Story

The popularity and success of Facebook is nothing new but their development in the video department is amazing. Facebook now has more than 100 hours of video time a day. This figure delights the advertisers as now they have another option other than YouTube. The advertisement through Facebook is different as the ads are displayed on the home screen or ‘Wall’ as Facebook calls it. These video advertisements are auto-played and users are introduced to the advertisements on the go. Also, Facebook has a targeted approach when it comes to advertisements as they have so much information about the user. This helps Facebook in presenting advertisements that the user is interested in his/her feed as they scroll down.

Furthermore, the advertisements in Facebook is not that annoying as YouTube. The advertisements in-between the video or in the beginning of the video can exasperate the viewer. Facebook does a better job in presenting their advertisements through their Wall.

At the end of the day, it is the advertiser who decides whether to go with Facebook or YouTube. Both these platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Keep these pointers in mind while creating an advertisement video.