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Secure Intellectual property

How Does Niche Video Media Secure Intellectual Property?

First of all, there are not many video hosting providers that offer ultimate security for intellectual property hosted on their platform. Secondly, how does Niche Video Media provide security to intellectual property?

Let’s get into the details.

This ultimate security feature is achieved through dynamic watermarking, which is a security measure to prevent videos from screen capture.

What does it do?

In the online world, downloading videos is the largest form of piracy among many others. But then a few smarty pants like us came up with ideas and made it possible to prevent downloading. Along came another method of pirating videos – screen capture. How did us smarty pants solve this problem? Through dynamic watermarking.

Dynamic watermarking is adding a layer of transparent moving characters on the video. The watermark can be a brand name or symbol and its presence proves to whom the video rightfully belongs. So when such a video is screen captured and misused elsewhere, the watermark will give away that it has been ripped without permission.

However, our biggest breakthrough has been watermarking a video with a user’s dynamic IP. So how does this work? On a user’s video, either embedded or playing from the Niche Video Media channel, the dynamic watermark will include the user’s IP, if the user has chosen it in settings. If a video has been copied through screen capture, then it will have to be captured with the moving IP. (There is no way that the watermark layer can be removed, it’s foolproof.) Thus, when the online thief tries to reuse the video, he/she will come under the scanner as the dynamic IP will give away that the video is stolen content.

Can someone remove the watermark and capture the video on-screen?

Yes and No. Yes, they can remove the watermark; but No they cannot capture the video on-screen. Once the watermark is removed, the page will stop the video from playing.

Why am I reading all this information?

Well, that’s because Niche Video Media wants you to know that they are one of the video hosting services for business that provide this added layer of security for your video, among other onion layers of security (not many video hosting services have this security option).

Therefore, be advised that it is a risk worth taking to try out the Private Media Channel by Niche Video Media.