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Large Distributed Group of Representatives Need Private Media Channel

You are the sales manager for a company with a large quantity of sales representatives distributed around the country or globe (like “Fred” in the promo video ). You sell a variety of product ranging from the simple to the highly complex. Your suppliers provide videos demonstrating the features of their products, whitepapers, specification sheets, training videos, etc. Your best sales tool is an educated salesforce.

You sign up for the Private Media Channel and build communities around your product lines: Medical devices, consumer gadgets, office supplies, etc . You associate your sales representatives with these communities, and invite your large strategic accounts to subscribe as well. You import the videos from your suppliers or manufacturers, and the appropriate sales representatives can watch them at their desk or on the go. You attach the appropriate collateral material to the videos so the representative has all necessary educational material at their fingertips. They can watch it at their desktop, or on the go on their iPad.

When they make a sales call, they can show the video to the customer, email them the spec sheets, and answer all their questions right then and there. They can invite the customer to subscribe to your channel in order to create more customer engagement with your company. The customer tells the representative that a given feature really resonates with them, so the representative adds a comment about that feature to the video detail page for other representatives to see on their sales calls. They can directly email you or the supplier with questions about the product.

Your subscribed customers can also add comments or questions to the content detail page, to be answered by you, your representatives, or the supplier. You allow your customers to post a link to the video on their Facebook page when they purchase the product, creating social buzz.

Whenever a new video is posted, the sales representatives for that product line are immediately notified. You decide when the key accounts and general subscribers are notified.

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