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International Community of Real Estate Agents

You are building a community site for all Real Estate Agents who deal with international buyers for their local properties. You organize your Communities by geography and type of property (China-Commercial). All the internationally certified agents are recruited as contributing members of the Community (Authors), and invite their international buyers into the community as Subscribers. Beyond video content, you have blogs, articles, and listings for which you want to control access as well, so you maintain your own security for users, roles, and groups. But that same security needs to be enforced for the video content the members upload.

You charge the authors a fee for uploading videos which may be commercials for their company, their market, or video tours of a property to accompany a listing. The Agent can submit translated subtitles in several languages to communicate with global buyers in their native tongue. They can attach their videos to listings, their blogs, or their profile on your site, and the content is restricted so that it can only be seen while the viewer is on your site. Agents refer buyers to other agents. The second agent films a tour of a property for the buyer and sends an invitation to the buyer to view it.

Buyers and Agents who are members of a property community are immediately notified when a new listing or video is posted to that community. Both are able to post comments about the video or listing for the benefit of other members of the community. Agents are allowed to share links to the video to their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)