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Marketing & Communications Departments Need Private Media Channel™

In a year, you create plenty of multi-media content webcasts, webinars, and training videos to market your products and train your team. But once your content grows beyond a certain number, you have a different issue to address, you need a video content management and delivery (VCMD) software that we call as Private Media Channel™.

Private Media Channel™ can be an effective way to meet this challenge, providing you with powerful video content management and delivery, collaboration tools which enable you to increase engagement with existing community while continually adding new user communities.

Key Benefits of Private Media Channel™:

  • Delivering a variety of multi-media content types such as webcasts/webinars, on-demand audio or video clips, and supporting resources as attachments into a community.The channel integrates seamlessly into your website, incorporating your logo and color scheme, its your brand…
  • Single sign-on access to all content in the channel that means users aren’t repeatedly asked for their log-on information, easing discovery of all the allowed contents available.You track users’ collaboration across multiple community sets, providing meaningful feedback on which pieces are resonating most with your users.
  • The channel fosters a sense of community around content of a common interest, encouraging collaboration and feedback related to the content. You control the security of the content, indicating who can communicate with whom and what level of moderation is required when users communicate with each other.The content can be globalized with voice-over and subtitling in a variety of languages…

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