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We’ve got good news for all our Private Media Channel customers and for those that are reading this blog, soon to be part of the Private Media Channel.

Over the years some of you have asked us to provide transcription and translation services for your video content.  So far we have simply referred you to crowd-sourcing platforms. Not anymore.  We now have encountered a vendor who has demonstrated the ability to perform these services in conjunction with the Private Media Channel.  TranscriptionStar is the name of the company and they are in no way related to Niche Video Media.  However, we took some time to vet them and walk them through the process of transcribing a video from a channel and they produced results quickly.

Here’s how it would work:

You set up an account with TranscriptionStar, independent of us.  They give you an email address and you add that user to your Private Media Channel under Manage Users.  We recommend that you then set up a “private” community to which that user is given access to edit content.  Whenever you place a video in that community, they will receive an email.  They can then log in and transcribe, or translate, the video into whatever language you have arranged with them.  They produce either a Word document or an .SRT file that can be attached to the video to provide subtitles.

When the process is complete, you simply place the video in the final community for your users to watch.

For more information on this service, visit TranscriptionStar.  We have no agreement with them for pricing, that would need to be negotiated by you directly, but be rest assured that at the time of our tests, the rates were very competitive and the quality of their work was professional.  Since they are independent from us, however, we take no responsibility for their work.

We at Niche Video Media thought it worthwhile to pass this information along to you in case you might find it valuable.


-The Niche Video Media team