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5 Pointers to Script a Compelling Business Video

Let’s learn 5 points to keep in mind while building a compelling video as part of your marketing strategy. There is a deeper element in advertising - a psychological understanding of the human mind. When you create your business video, this is what you should keep in mind. You need to sell, hence you need to make an impact. How do you make an impact without inspiring your customer to buy your product? Inspire. How do you do that? You tackle emotions, fire up your customer, give them a need, and present your product.

Now this ain’t easy. So you got to build an out-of-the-box video script.

So here are 5 pointers to writing a compelling business video script:

1. Tackle emotions

They say don’t mix business and personal. I say, do just that. It’s as personal as it gets. When your customer believes in your product, they are believing in you and you don’t deceive the customer. So when you talk about your product, make sure it delivers what you propose (and more).

2. Innovate

Competition in being creative is aplenty these days. So the industry demands that you pull up a notch and be more creative. More is money these days. Innovation + (More) Creativity = Successful Out-Of-The-Box Thinking. Trust me, this is a hard, hard task to accomplish. But you know what? Nothing compares to following this simple mantra (I do just this): Ask yourself this question, “How can I do this differently?” Take your ideas to pen and paper (always the best way to be creative, hands down). And all those ideas will form into your super idea, leading you to success.

3. Quality-Check

Industry standards are defined by the minute. As you are reading this, there are people setting the bar higher in creating compelling business videos. Do not compromise on quality.

Make sure that your video script:

  • is Crystal Clear in terms of concept
  • is Error free in the language used (grammatical errors or typos will reflect poorly on your company)
  • is accounted for and has Credible Sources
  • has a Smooth Flow of Thoughts (videos without a point or story to tell are always a failure)

4. Add Testimonials

Nothing beats a biggie using your product and vouching for the same. Include this element in a subtle way in your video script and it will do wonders. This is one other way to build the trust of your customer.

5. Socialize

Just like your business, your business video too needs socializing to be noticed. Thus, make your video script fun, entertaining, with a social message. Here’s where you connect with your customer/potential customer/fan base.

When you create a video with a compelling script, it is bound to touch millions; whether or not your product sells, they will always remember your brand/company from that amazing video, and one day they will come back to you.