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Having trouble with online training?


Trying to create a virtual classroom? Do you have courses ready at hand, but having problems in delivering it to your students? Are you not able to hold together their attention? Having problems getting the video in one complete piece to them?

Here is an offer you cannot refuse!

classroom _01Virtual Classroom - Teach students online! No Classrooms required!

classroom _01Share Teaching Material

classroom _01Record Sessions

classroom _01Chat with Students

classroom _01Ask a Question in the Session

classroom _01Securely Share Recorded Videos

All of these features are available as an integrated package in the PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL.

The Private Media Channel is your own channel where you can share your videos within a secure group. It allows training institutions to securely manage and deliver content to their private audience anytime, anywhere, on any device and in any language. It is kind of like your own private You Tube. It is easy to use and manage. You can also monetize your content and get a return on your investment.  Lets now see a few features of the Private Media Channel.

1. EASY:  First of all, it is super easy to use. Nobody likes to learn additional software for something as simple as video hosting. Setting up a private media channel is as easy as setting up a social networking account. All the options and the tabs available are easy to understand and manage. Simple methods are used for uploading and monetizing your content.

2. SECURE SHARING: Your users are completely defined by you. You can segregate your students based on the class or the course that they have chosen. A user of a particular group can be given access only to the content in their group. Downloading of your videos is not possible by anyone. A highly secure system is used as a result of which your videos are impossible to download. You can also share handouts, training  guides etc and reference materials.

3. MONETIZATION: Obviously, your online training has to generate some returns for you. The private media channel helps you monetize your videos easily. You can charge per course, per video or per online session depending on your convenience. We use secure gateways for all your payments.

4. LIVE CONFERENCE: Every once in a while your students would actually like to talk to you live and clarify a few doubts. You can set up a live conference between multiple students and train them. Your students can also discuss with other students and brainstorm ideas creating a healthy classroom environment.

5.LIVE STREAMING: Would you like your students to watch a few events that you are conducting related to their training course? No problem at all. The private media channel has made live streaming simple. You can stream your events and your students can watch them live. The live stream recording will also be stored as one of your videos in your channel for later viewing. The quality of the video depends on the camera used.

6. SUBTITLES: If you have a global audience, you can also add subtitles for their understanding.

7. WHITE LABELING: Your channel will be completely yours. You can customize your channel and add your logos. Nobody will even know that we are there. Shhhh!

8. MONITOR STUDENT ACTIVITY: You can decide what your students watch and when they can watch it. You can also verify if they are going through their course materials on time.


Now that you know about the private media channel, why not give it a try. There are a lot more amazing features available.



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