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YouTube vs The Private Media Channel: An Unbiased Analysis

Nithin Raj

YouTube is the no.1 video hosting company and the second largest search engine in the world. It’s success can be attributed to a number of special features. However, YouTube has failed to address a huge market need: that of video-based profit businesses.

The Private Media Channel on the other hand has been developed solely for the benefit of those business organisations which obtain profits through their videos. In this article we review a comparison of how YouTube and the Private Media Channel compare vis-à-vis crucial factors that matter the most to video-based profit organizations.

Video Downloads

Technically, both Private Media Channel and YouTube prohibit their users from downloading videos to their hard drives. Yet, there are plenty of illegal and easy-to-find apps, extensions, plugins, and web services that make it ultra-easy to download Youtube videos for FREE. This is a threat for content companies who want to keep their videos private and provide access only to their subscribed customers. This privacy is provided by Private Media Channel where the videos stored are completely secure and nobody can download them onto their hard drives.


YouTube makes money by displaying advertisements targeted at the viewers of your videos. Ads are almost always distracting; they try to divert the viewer away from watching the video they want to and also are annoying. For most content creators, this is fine, because they get to upload their videos absolutely free of cost, and can even make money when they signup for their AdSense program. But when you have your own business model for videos, YouTube just gets in the way.

You need a platform that:

  • you can fully control,
  • doesn’t create unnecessary competition (through other videos and ads),
  • is undistracting,
  • lets you make as much money as you deserve and
  • provides ultra-rich analytics.

White Labeling

Content companies which webcast videos to their students, trainers, employees, players, etc. need to look professional in every way. Video platforms that are free, bandwidth-limiting, low-quality and ad-oriented pull down the standard of their brand.

Also, YouTube never permits branding your videos with the name of your organisation.

With Private Media Channel, our video platform is yours. Make it your own with your organization name, color scheme, logos and website URL. Your customers and competitors will never know about the Private Media Channel involved. That shall remain a secret between us!

User Engagement

YouTube provides options to Like, Comment, Share, and embed in other websites and emails. All the above get the users ‘engaged’ with your content.

With Private Media Channel your students, employees, colleagues or other audience will be able to provide comments too. You can also attach any handbooks or manuals as additional learning materials.

Access Controls

Anyone in the world can watch any YouTube video several times. This is preferable when you want millions of people watching your videos, especially for the purpose of marketing.

But once you have a paying subscriber audience, you need a platform that offers a good level of control over your business needs.

Private Media Channel has been built from the ground up especially for businesses who want the best of the breed access controls. You can restrict access to your videos by:

These controls are designed to protect your video assets in as many ways as possible. Not having such controls poses a threat to your business success.


YouTube basically offers three types of reports:

Earnings reports

Viewing reports

Engagement reports

which include data points like:

Number of views

Viewed locations

Viewer demographics



Traffic sources



Likes and dislikes


Audience retention reports

Check out the whole enchilada here.

The Private Video Channel, on the other hand, offers the following analytical data about your videos’ performance:

Videos from Competitors

Private Media Channel is a boon for those organizations using a non-YouTube centric business model.

We know that YouTube is great at making video suggestions based on your viewing patterns. These video suggestions can be from any video uploader – even from your competitor. This is a welcomed feature by YouTube and its users, but disliked by many profit based organisations.

Your customers have come to you with a vision of becoming a better version of themselves – be it a student, an employee or a colleague. Your job is to deliver awesome content, without any distraction, in the exact order you want, at the precise moment, and to the right person. We have built The Private Video Channel for people like you who mean business.


YouTube is abound with ads which are cool, boring, entertaining, distracting, and pointless. You can spot them to the right of the video player, before the start of a video, in the middle of a video, at the bottom of a video, at the end of a video - well, they are everywhere on YouTube, hindering your viewer from accomplishing their goal. These ads come in various formats: Flash, text, video. Click here to know all the ways in which ads interrupt the user.

The Private Media Channel on the other hand is an ad-free medium. Only your video is in focus. It is clean and clutter-free. No distraction. A pure learning environment if you will.

Secure Hosting

With YouTube you can upload an unlisted video and make it accessible only to selected people.

The Private Media Channel offers:

  • the ability to restrict a video embed to a particular domain
  • RTMPe encryption: the content is encrypted by the server and can be decrypted only by the Flash player on the browser.
  • content delivery obfuscation: provides an additional level of security and bypasses all publicly available video download plugins and tools.
  • signing of the content URL using a secret key with an expiry date to prohibit content theft.

Content Organization

YouTube offers a handful of ways to organize your videos: titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, playlists and sections.

The Private Media Channel helps you organize the videos in any way you want. You can group your videos as courses, lessons, workouts or in any other way that makes the most sense.

Your profit-oriented video-based business will benefit from the Private Video Channel. See it for yourself by signing up for a free trial here.