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Use Videos to Improve Employee Performance

Nithin Raj

The right technology, platforms and strategies are the crucial differentiators of successful companies. Online videos play a vital role in improving the performance of employees. Below is a brief overview of how five businesses increase employee productivity using videos. Be inspired and create your own transformation.

Academy Mobile, Microsoft’s YouTube

As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Microsoft decided to use its vast resources to develop it’s own in-house video sharing platform, called Academy Mobile. The features and functionality of Academy Mobile are very much like YouTube, but the main focus of the platform is to get Microsoft employees to upload content and share within the company. Content is organized by role and function so that salespeople, for example, can access a video library specific to sales. With now over 20,000 active users and 200,000 downloads within the first year, Academy Mobile has helped Microsoft enhance employee productivity by connecting people with information and individuals that better help them do their job.

Microsoft Academy Mobile

Guidespark’s On-boarding Videos Save Time and Money

Another area in which companies are using video to increase productivity is during the employee on boarding process. Tech company Guide spark specializes in producing custom video content specifically for HR purposes; and in one case their platform produced a $15,000 savings annually for client Blackhawk Networks. The on-boarding videos that Guidespark produced reduced the on-boarding process from over 80 hours to less than a single day, allowing employees to understand their benefits faster and begin producing results for the company sooner rather than later.

Read the complete Guidespark case study here.

Ensemble Video Transforms the Student–Teacher Relationship

Productivity doesn’t only take place in a corporate setting, but in a classroom learning environment as well. Rice University, one of the top academic and research universities in Texas, partnered with Ensemble Video, a digital video platform company, to provide a streamlined video content platform that would help facilitate student learning and interaction with professors. Providing a single unified video platform for the entire university helped streamline the process of uploading content, as well as made it easy for students to locate and find the most relevant videos possible. These videos also increased the value and productivity of university faculty, as Rice has amassed approximately 130 media libraries, containing nearly 3,000 videos, with more than 162,000 views produced by its professors.

Learn more about how Ensemble transformed the student-teacher relationship here.

Videos Revolutionize Employee Training

Business and training consultants are now also beginning to realize the value to productivity that video content can bring to any company or organization. Business consultancy Evan Carmichael recently found that, compared with older models of training, videos are more effective in terms of increasing employee productivity and engagement. The problem in the past was that training materials were written, and even when they were in video format were poorly produced, and failed to keep the interest of the viewer. Clients of Evan Carmichael who wanted to improve this process by implementing effective, efficient and entertaining training videos on an internal video platform saw the HR burden of training reduce upwards by 50%, allowing companies to re-direct resources into other areas of the business to improve the bottom line.

Learn more here.

Cisco Helps Employees Bond through Live Video

While actual employee productivity metrics are important, those figures often stem from employee engagement. Keeping employees stimulated at their jobs, challenged, and having access to fresh educational content on a constant basis is key to maximizing productivity. Cisco has found several ways to increase and maintain employee engagement through the use of video. One way is by hosting live online events for training and certification purposes. They found that companies who use online live training videos have an average productivity increase of 4% annually. A second way is to leverage video for meetings and teleconferencing. Physically seeing a colleague’s face on video helps build trust and connect employees even though they are in different locations. This increases productivity.

Full report here :

These are only a few cases of how companies have used videos and video platforms to increase employee productivity and engagement. With technology constantly moving forward and companies pushing the envelope, more and greater innovations in the area of video in the workplace are sure to come in the near future.

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