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Video Seeding - The Wonder Tool!

What is Video Seeding?

It is the tool to plant your video (in other words your idea) in the minds of your customer. If you want your video to go viral, then video seeding is one of the ways to do it. 

It is a smart content marketing technique wherein your videos are directed toward websites/blogs related to your product/service in which customers interested in your service/product will in turn spread the word by sharing your video in social networks and the like. Thus you are narrowing your target audience to a smaller concentrated group and creating a high probability of having your video shared to larger concentrated groups. You have seeded your video in a website/blog (that is fertile ground), which will eventually catch onto other niche websites/blogs, thereby unmasking your service/product’s greatness to a larger customer base.

How is Video Seeding done?

Here’s an example of  a B2B video seeding strategy. Snowglobe Boy by ad agency McKinney in December, 2007, created a huge following. The idea was to send season’s greetings to its customers and at the same time be environmentally friendly. So you would have to rule out greeting cards. What’s left? E-cards. But McKinney took Ecards to a whole new level. They created an inflated snowglobe, put a man in it and called it “Snowglobe Boy”.

What did Snowglobe Boy do?

He spread holiday cheer from the inflated snowglobe for 24 hours for 4 days. A microsite was created where visitors could watch him live from three webcams, chat with Snowglobe Boy, read his blog, share the blog with a friend, add him as a friend on Facebook and send him messages.

Due to this, the phenomena of “Snowglobe Boy” received immense media attention and not to forget a great deal of attention from bloggers all over the world.

Do you know what’s the best part? All of this publicity with zero dollars spent on efforts of publicizing it.

This my dear friend is the magic of video seeding. All you have to do is take a concept, put it out in the world, capture it online through video (preferably) and seed it in relevant markets. The rest will be history.

Let us take another video seeding example of Diffusion on Air New Zealand’s new in-flight safety video. The video was sent to potential websites and blogs who shared it online giving it high exposure. The result of the Air New Zealand video was tremendous.



If you are hiring a video seeding service, they will create the media buzz that you need and also plan and execute campaigns which will make your content popular and viral indeed.  Along with planning the campaigns and handling the seeding they can also track and report the status of the video which will definitely help you in the future.

Always make sure that you seed your video via websites and blogs right after the making of the video. If you are going to hire a third party for video seeding, it is better to double-check the rating and the reputation of the party and also look out for their fees and your budget.

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Happy seeding.