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Adapt to Quality with HTTP Live Streaming

Nithin Raj

Let’s wave goodbye to the days of watching pixelated videos. It’s time to take a bite off the big Apple, the switch to adaptive streaming is at hand.

Adaptive streaming? Ring a bell?

Here’s what it is. You watch a video, but the internet is crappy, so you are forced to watch a video buffering with poor quality. This is when ‘adaptive streaming’ or ‘HLS’ comes into play. In HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), as the bandwidth (internet quality) switches, your video quality will also switch accordingly. Therefore reducing buffer, enabling easy load time (fast viewing), and dynamically adjusting to fluctuating internet speeds.

How come the video does not buffer in HLS?

HLS uses a method where the video is downloaded in small chunks, therefore a buffer is already created. Thus, it provides a smooth watching experience for the end user.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Be warned that it totally depends on the means used to carry it out. Take a look at the onion layers of security provided by Niche Video Media when you live stream, record the stream, and later watch the video. The content is encrypted through Advanced Encryption Services to prevent downloads or hacks. So you can stream, record and watch videos in an absolutely safe environment without losing out to a security breach.

Too technical? Let’s go pictorial…

Here’s how HLS works. According to your internet speed, the quality automatically (or rather dynamically) switches.


Success Story?

Well this is a bit of an understatement, considering the range of video content websites using the method. However, touching the tip of the iceberg, Apple itself provides adaptive streaming in its in-built apps. The success of Apple’s HLS stands on the rock of diversity­­ - adaptive streaming that is effectively featured across various devices and players increases its utility.

NetflixNetflix, a leader in the movie streaming industry uses HLS as part of its operations. All you Netflixers, fixated at home watching your favorite movies, are watching your stars move seamlessly on the screen thanks to HLS. Need I say more?

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