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Increase viewer count through  teasers!

How to increase view counts? Tease them in!


As channel owners we have all probably been in that place more than once: making sure that we took the right steps, purchased expensive software, produced engaging videos and invested too much hoping it will reach far and wide. So what now? We wait! Wait for our hard work to be recognized, wait for the returns and wait to be patronized. But, this could take ages.

Have a channel catering to the video sharing and live streaming needs of your company? No worries, you got it all covered. The view count you desire will fall right into your plate. Oh but wait, what if you are hosting a private channel targeting subscribers who pay to watch your videos? Oops, then security and privacy comes into the picture and you need to act fast or your effort might become pointless.

What do I do?

First of all you don’t fret. Second of all, you don’t fret *just kidding*. On a serious note, second of all you get smart and generate content that will attract the right people who are interested in your channel and sign up to it.

Return on Investment

Here are easy ways to get your Private Media Channel the views it deserves:


Primarily, people do not sign-up for a channel because they do not know about it. Are you under the impression that you got it all covered? Looking at your viewership report and going bonkers? Then just may be you haven’t advertised to your target audience. There are several ways to advertise your channel. It all comes down to the type of content and narrowing down your target audience.

How do I determine my target audience? That’s a walk in the park!

—If you specialize in creating tutorial videos for customer service representatives, you have to find companies that have a requirement to train their employees in that area of interest.

—If you are trying to teach concepts in physics through videos, get in touch with schools and colleges and sell your channel with its cool never-heard-of-before features. Remember you’re a smarty pant. So talk about pain points that your competitors haven’t addressed or have addressed but at a higher price.

—If you have sitcoms or romantic tales to tell, you know you will have a huge fan following if you advertise smartly.

The key is to be smart, and the right audience will find you.


Okay, now that you have found the right audience, how do you get them to sign-up for your channel?   You tease them, yeah, you heard me right. You make teasers to give them an idea of what you and your videos are made of.

Teasers or trailers as you may be aware of are short video clips which convey the gist of what you have in your videos. A teaser should be just a minute’s video (a little more or less is cool). That one minute video (a little more or less) should hit the ball in the park. Only then will your viewer be interested to see the full picture. Likewise, create more awesome videos and garner more undivided attention.

—Have a couple of lessons to teach? Create an array of teasers. Hit it out and watch it hit the viewers hard. In all of this fun, don’t forget to entice your potential leads into subscribing to your videos.

—Planning on hosting training videos? Your teasers could be a couple of basic lessons in that particular field. Just make sure that the teasers constitute an interesting topic, usually chapter 1 of your tutorial, and capture the crux of your whole lesson.

—You an entertainment junkie? Then a couple of episodes should do the trick.

Make your teaser more fun, apart from just information. Add special effects, a background score, use graphics and images, and your good to go.

Here’s a teeny weeny marketing trick:

Just add a link to your channel or slip in your email id, and you get them thinking to watch more of your videos.

Also let us not underestimate the power of a simple ad banner. They are easily shared and can be posted almost anywhere. Try that too!

  •  GO VIRAL!

Last but not the least, make yourself popular! Asking yourself how do I do that? It’s simple. It’s inbuilt in you, you just didn’t realize it so far. Making a video or an ad poster go viral is not a hard task. All you have to do is share your content on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and trust me there are many more you know about better than I do.Go viral, start networking!

A micro life lesson - No more scrolling through social networking pages, you now are the talk of the town and you are going to be scrolled and trolled. Determine that you are successful and start the process, and you will turn out to be successful.

Come up with a good number of videos, and you can also consider starting an email campaign to invite subscribed viewers into buying more content from you. Always be prepared to cater to more users, because more views means more returns on your investment.

So, open your thinking tanks and get started on those videos!!!! Start from scratch and soar the skies by signing up for a free trial. Know more about securely hosting videos and monetization, visit Niche Video Media.