On-Boarding Services

You have a business to run. You don’t have staff set aside waiting to put your content in place, set up your monetization strategy, get your audience access… all the mechanics needed to get value from your content. So let us help you. We can help you set up a web page to point to your content or build a custom concierge on-boarding experience for you – providing a turnkey video channel for your audience. Or we can provide ongoing administration services where you focus on your business and we focus on your channel. We are here to help you get as much value out of your content as quickly as you can.

Data Transferring

Video from your previous hosting provider.

Administrative Setup

Set up the monetization model and other settings.

User On-boarding

Populate your security model with your existing audience and onboard them.

Vendor Collaboration

Collaborate with your video production service provider.

Audience Setup

Organizing your users into groups that match your business setup.

Web Development Assistance

Link your external website to your internal content. Link your Channel to your Website and brand it.

Content Acquisition

Uploading your video from whatever source (dropbox, email, thumbdrives, or your video production company).

Real World:

Most of our customers do their own onboarding, we have made it simple enough. But many do not have the manpower to spare and ask us to get them up and running quicker. We are glad to help.


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