Extend Your Practice with the Private Media Channel

Imagine a flipped classroom where everyone is sitting in their homes receiving a lecture. The students have their webcams going as well. The professor is front-and-center on the screen, then a student raises her hand.

The professor clicks on her video image and the Student becomes full screen to share her question with the class. The Private Media Channel provides options for Real Time Collaboration amongst the users.

Setting up a Live Conference with multiple users is no longer a complicated task. You can now communicate with a large number of people using a single URL without any additional plugins.

Connect Many Users

Multi-point peer-to-peer video conferencing allows you to bring up to 1000 users/devices into a single meeting.

Recording the Meeting

Record the conference for later video playback. Share the recording with participants or those unable to attend.

No Plugins

No additional plugins, downloads, or apps needed. Completely within your browser.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen, documents, and files with all meeting participants.

Any Device

Start, and participate in, the live conference from any device, using any browser.

Simple Invite

Send users an invite into the live conference with a single URL to click.

Real World:

A large technology provider in Brazil uses live video conferencing in the Private Media Channel to run their country-wide online video training sessions. Students from all over Brazil and neighboring countries connect via audio and video with the instructor to receive coaching without a hitch.


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