Delivering Video/Multi-media Content Around the Globe

Our Content Delivery Network is geared to provide exceptional streaming performance around the globe – recorded or live.

Fast Global Delivery

We use Amazon’s “Edge Servers” to position content close to your audience to reduce lag and buffering.

Adaptive Bitrate

Video streaming is optimized to deliver content at a speed based on the bandwidth available to your consumer.

High Def Quality

is what your users experience wherever they are (SD to 4K depending on bandwidth).

Stream Video

Instead of using Dropbox, emailing video files, or downloading the entire video before the viewer can click ‘Play’.

Download Protection

No one, not even you or someone logging in as you, can directly access your video files. The videos can only be seen via our streaming server and player.

No infrastructure

No learning curve or investment in infrastructure to store and deliver the highest quality video and user experience. Light years ahead of YouTube’s quality.

Real World:

A major university in India broadcast their graduation ceremony live to all their graduates’ families around the world – 5000 simultaneous viewers of a live stream – without a hitch.

Real World:

Customers operate channels on every continent except Antarctica! , 1 year free to the first customer from Antarctica!!!


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