Sell Your Videos

Your video represents a massive investment in the Intellectual Property you have amassed over the years – along with the monetary investment in producing and curating it. You need to get value back for that massive investment, and we also do that without advertising. We do not take any commission.

Make Money on Your Videos

When you set up your channel, you can charge your audience for membership in it – multiple levels based on the access and content you grant them.

Charge for Bundles

You can charge for sets of related content as a unit – call it a library, a course, a project, a group – or what we call it: a Community.

Products and Offers

You can give different offers to different markets resulting in different prices.

  • The offers can be time sensitive.
  • The purchased access and membership can expire.

No Commission

Customers place the money directly into your account – Stripe, Paypal or Authorize.Net with more payment providers coming. We charge no commission on your monetization (but the payment providers have their own processing fees).

Can Charge For Individual Videos

  • An open subscription either inside the channel or on your website.
  • Pay Per View on your website (each click of the ‘Buy’ button puts money in your account).

Limit Views

The user can be limited to a set number of video views.

Real World:

A trainer in the world of lending opened a channel and uploaded videos of hundreds of hours of his real-life training. He offers it to banks for individual or group timed subscriptions.

Real World:

A construction contracting company developed a set of training materials on DVD teaching contractors to get more money for their projects. This content is so successful that they were charging $1,000-2,000 per DVD. They have migrated all their content and created new content and are charging their convention-goers $1,500 per quarter for access to streaming content. Now they don’t have to worry about the cost of producing and distributing the DVDs – or people “sharing” them.


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