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Atlanta, Georgia (April 15, 2013) – Niche Video Media, LLC, announced today the first commercial installation of their newest product, the Private Media Channel. A Private Media Channel is a secure media platform that can be easily connected to a website to build a global community that shares a common interest in a collection of unique content, streamed to their users on any device. You moderate the interaction of your users while the platform encourages them to collaborate and enhance the value of your information instantly for the whole community.

A Private Media Channel connects users with multi-media content to build a community that shares a common interest by using Enterprise-Class tools at an affordable price. Customers moderate the interaction in their community and define how to charge for content. The company website provides use cases that explain how a variety of industries can incorporate a Channel as a branded extension of their own website, or build an entirely new website around multi-media content.

FD Venture Farm, an affiliate company of the nationally recognized CPA firm Frazier & Deeter, is the first company to premier the Private Media Channel as a core part of their business. "FD Venture Farm member companies are seeking an innovative approach to communicate their development to a broad group of interested institutional capital providers across the US," said Mark Rainosek, CEO and President of FD Venture Farm.

"The Private Media Channel enables our member companies to permission interested investors to view regular business updates and other interesting content." FD Venture Farm, LLC is an independent company monitoring service designed to facilitate the tracking of Angel-funded companies of interest to Series A institutional investors. Companies tracked through the service are limited to those referred by ACA member organizations or other approved institutional and private equity capital investors.

Glen West, Chief Customer Officer of Niche Video Media, says "Our platform provides streaming video/audio to users on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices in a community-centric environment with a single sign-on experience between our Channel product and customer website pages. The multi-media files can be subtitled or voiced-over in a variety of languages to enable a community with truly global reach."

A Private Media Channel is ideal for companies with a large group of geographically distributed users (the "Community") that must keep up-to-date with information best distributed in a multi-media format because it allows those users to interact with each other around that information and add value to the entire community. Some examples are large distributed sales forces with a variety of complex products; value chains of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers; industry communities for knowledge sharing, and technical certification training companies.

About Niche Video Media

Niche Video Media, LLC provides a secured streaming video platform to individuals and businesses that allows customers to brand, share, and monetize their video content to a global audience without investing in video infrastructure or costly skill sets. By marrying the concept of a video platform with community building, we help customers engage their unique audiences around their unique content.

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