Manage your salesforce
With secure video and document hosting.

Build salesforce communities

  • Build communities on your Private Media Channel around your product lines
  • Associate sales reps with each of these communities
  • Invite strategic accounts to subscribe

Share product information

  • Import supplier videos demonstrating product features or training
  • Attach documents, such as collateral materials, whitepapers or specification sheets
  • Sales reps can view all of this at their desk or on their iPad
  • Post new videos and all correlated sales reps are immediately notified
  • Share videos with key accounts and general subscribers on your own timeline

Make client connections

  • Show relevant videos, spec sheets, and answer questions on-site with clients
  • Keep customers up to date on your products by inviting them to subscribe
  • Share client feedback with other representatives through product video comments
  • Let clients post their feedback on the product line for everyone to see
  • Customers build buzz about your products by posting product video links on Facebook

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  • 1 GB of video storage
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