Brainstorm research and development
With secure video and document hosting.

Connect stakeholders

  • Create a community for each new product or idea
  • Assign engineers, suppliers, and key customers to relevent communities
  • Tightly control which communities any team member can see
  • Add new members by invitation only

Distribute secure data

  • Keep all data safe behind an authentication wall, but accessable to external users
  • Upload prototype videos, CAD drawings, PDF spec documents, and more
  • Review and approve uploads which notify team members of newly added data
  • The entire community can view all of this at their desk or on their iPad

Encourage Collaborative Feedback

  • Collect feedback from all members through page and video comments
  • Produce new versions based off of community feedback
  • Maintain a record of each product iteration without any extra effort

Try it. Free.
  • 30 days completely free
  • 1 GB of video storage
  • Brand your site
  • No Credit Card Needed
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