Connect your investors
With secure video and document hosting.

Organize your companies

  • Turn your Private Media Channel communities into companies
  • Organize all the CEOs and Investors into each of these companies
  • CEOs get access to a community of investors
  • Investors get to see a pool of prospective companies at their own convenience

Engage Investors

  • Give investors face-time with company CEOs to increase trust
  • Attach documents, such as company business plans, financials or product whitepapers
  • Investors can view all of this at their desk or on their iPad

Facilitate and manage communication

  • Provide your unique analysis of the company to help guide investors
  • Keep investors up to date on company changes with updated video interviews
  • Notify investors when new content is uploaded to their subscribed companies
  • Protect communication between CEOs and investors by moderating message traffic
  • CEOs and investors can invite others into the community to be approved by you

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