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About us

Our Vision

Build the World's Most Diverse Video Knowledge Sharing Platform.

What We Do

*Niche Video Media* provides a secured streaming video platform to individuals and businesses that allows customers to brand, share, and monetize their video content to a global audience without investing in video infrastructure or costly skill sets. By marrying the concept of a video platform with community building, we help customers create a valuable communications asset that engages their unique audiences around their unique content.

Our Story

Sixteen years of training experience gave Raj a passion for sharing knowledge. Recent changes in his area of expertise required him to develop a new approach - Raj focused on Video as an ideal way to share knowledge without having to "be there." He turned to MBA Classmate Dominic, a digital media expert for 9 years to begin putting their expertise together. Another fellow MBA Classmate, Glen, joined to help refine the product with his passion for community building.

  • Dominic Francis - COO

    Dominic Francis co-founded Niche Video Media and is its Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Information Officer. Dominic is responsible for all the infrastructure and services required to make the company operate, manages the development staff, and manages all vendor relationships for the company. His previous experience in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, services, manufacturing, and media provides the background needed to produce the platform on which all Niche Video Media products rest.

    Dominic earned his B.S. in Math, Computer Science and Physics in 1994 and M.S in Computer Science in 1996 from India. Dominic received his Project Management certification from the George Washington University (School of Business & Public Management) in the year 2005. His diverse project experience has helped him gain strong entrepreneurial and project management skills. In 2012, he earned his Executive MBA from Georgia State University.

  • Frederick John - VP Marketing

    Frederick John joined Niche Video Media in Oct 2012 as our VP of Marketing. Fred is responsible for customer acquisition, sales, contracts and overall product marketing. He focuses primarily on our Class product ( and works closely with potential authors in making them understand our business model. Fred brings over 13 years of both product management and marketing experience along with running large offshore teams and building products from concept to delivery.

    Fred earned his Bachelor’s in Engineering in Computer Science in 1998 from the University of Madras, India. He then moved to Georgia to pursue his Masters and earned an M.S. in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Georgia, Athens

  • Noel Schweers - General Counsel

    Noel Schweers has served as General Counsel for Niche Video Media since the formation of the company in May of 2012. In this role, Noel assisted the co-founders with the Company’s organization and various related business governance matters. He is currently responsible for legal and regulatory compliance. Noel also assists with intellectual property protection issues.

    Noel has over twenty years experience as a business and corporate lawyer in private practice in Augusta, Georgia. During this period, he has represented numerous start-up and mature businesses, including both private and public companies. His primary focus has involved advising owners of small and mid-sized business in all aspects of their business activities. Additionally, he has represented individuals, lenders, borrowers, real estate developers, utility companies, local governments, governmental authorities, hospitals, title insurance companies, and large timberland and farmland owners in diverse purchase, sale, merger, lease, bond and traditional bank financing transactions.

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