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What Is a Private Media Channel™?

A Private Media Channel™ is a secure media platform that can be easily connected to your website to build your own global community that shares a common interest in your unique content, streamed to them on any device. You moderate the interaction of your users while the platform encourages them to collaborate in order to enhance and grow your unique community.

Digital Asset Management in the Cloud

Your business depends on digital content, and it is key to keep your customers informed on progress and engage them in a collaborative discussion around the content. Alternates such as attaching content via email, FTP or DropBox for customer review and approval is slow, inefficient, and does not capture the rich dialog around the content in one place. With the Private Media Channel™ you get an enterprise-grade solution that provides cloud-based content management, and delivers content to allow your users to consume your media on their own devices, anytime anywhere. Most important, it provides you with a means to engage your users in collaborative discussion around that content, continuously and securely.  

The Private Media Channel™ encourages you to build a community around your digital content, so that your users add value to your digital content continuously, forever.  Being cloud-based, it requires little learning curve and less infrastructure investment.  Give us a call so that we can explore how you use media to further your business - or simply Brand It and Get Started (click on the button above).