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What is a Private Media Channel?  

You produce video content, we host it in a private community that you control.

  • We securely store it in the cloud, linked to your web site and brand
  • We stream it only to your authorized users anytime, in any language, anywhere on any device
  • We give your users the tools to engage with your video and share their feedback with your community.

Stream Live Events to your Audience

Private Media Channel's Community FeaturesLive Video Streaming is a complicated process using the products out in the market today.  It requires a significant investment in time and effort to go through the learning curve to bring the software in house or use a provider's APIs.

The Private Media Channel’s Live Streaming Service simplifies this:

  • You define your users and invite them to your event automatically
  • You can allow them to invite their social media contacts, but you approve their access
  • You decide the video quality you broadcast (what some would call your "bitrate"): Standard, Superior, and High Definition
  • No more complicated billing.  We bill you a very low rate per minute viewed.
  • Your content cannot be downloaded by anyone
  • Content cannot be seen outside your channel
  • Record your live event for later viewing by users who were not available when your event was broadcast live.

On your own private Video Streaming Services platform.

It's your brand, own it


  • No ads, logos, or watermarks - unless you put them there.
  • The Channel is an extension of your website with your logo and color scheme.
  • Use your own domain or ours
  • Completely customizable messaging between your Channel and your users.

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Securely stored in the cloud

Cloud Video Delivery

  • Securely store your video in the cloud
  • Use our cloud content delivery network to get your video to your users.
  • Manage your digital assets and the collaborative workflow to produce them.
  • Requires ZERO infrastructure and has a low learning curve.

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Return on Investment

Return on Investment

  • Your content is stored in the cloud, not consuming space on your servers
  • No software to install - anywhere
  • Can be viewed on any device, anywhere, at any time
  • No learning curve, intuitive and easy to administer.

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Get Ready to Go Global


You can choose to get paid when:

  • A user joins your channel
  • A user views a video
  • A user subscribes to one of your communities
  • A video producer uploads video
  • A user clicks on a video by one of your providers

Just open a PayPal account and start receiving payments.

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"We are thrilled at the value proposition the Private Media Channel has been able to bring to our business. By strategically integrating this channel to our website,we've been able to begin to build a vibrant and collaborative community of angel-funded companies and institutional investors greatly improving the post-investment monitoring and tracking process for these organizations."
- Mark Rainosek, CEO,, a subsidiary of Frazier & Deeter LLC, a top 100 CPA Firm
"Our new Innovation Channel is allowing us to collaborate more effectively around our videos and design documents. We deal in sensitive information that directly impacts our competitive advantage, and the security of this environment protects our intellectual capital while allowing free-flowing communications throughout the innovation workflow. We expect to provide another channel to exchange information with our customers on their schedule and their devices. We highly recommend this great product."
- Chris Pickens, Innovation Manager, Bekaert Corporation
Private Media Channels work for:
30-Day Trial
  • Brand Your Video Channel
  • Collaborative User Feedback
  • Monetize Your Video Content
  • Secure Content with SSL
  • Enterprise-Ready Video Hosting with Single Sign-On
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 250 Video Views Included
  • Uploading and Managing Streaming Media File Types
  • Upload Multi-language Subtitles
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